Dermal Electroporation

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Dermal Electroporation is an advanced, results-driven therapy that uses electric pulses to permeate into the deepest layers of the skin and split open skin cells.

This allows topically nurturing substances like anti-aging serums or oils to be introduced and transported into skin cells at the highest efficiency rate.

Dermal Electroporation is used to treat dry skin and is commonly used with substances that have healing, balancing and revitalising qualities.

The electroporation process, or electro-permeability, reduces the cell wall’s resistance and enables it to be more permeable, thus allowing nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Patients who undergo dermal electroporation can anticipate magnified results like an increase in collagen production and younger looking and rejuvenated skin.

How it works

During electroporation, high electric pulses that last a few microseconds to milliseconds splits open skin cells around the treatment area and creates temporary pores.

These opened pores allow for the transport of a large amount of friendly substances in a short period of time. The pores are not permanent and will close after locking in vital nutrients, or once the electroporation machine is shut down.

This revolutionary treatment will help in alleviating dry skin without disrupting your skin’s natural pH levels too. Research has shown that electroporation transfers 90% of substances into skin compared to a mere 10% by other traditional methods.

The whole process also helps stimulate the skin and promote blood circulation to reduce puffiness, enable muscle toning and reduce puffiness.

Combination of products

Any moisturising or skin-beneficial products can be used, including a customised serum.

When combined with the best products, Dermal Electroporation ensures patients get healthy, glowing, vibrant and rejuvenated skin!

Side effects

Dermal Electroporation generally has no side effects, but if the device is not optimised properly with the right amount of electrodes, it could result in unwanted side effects like itching and a pricking sensation.

Hence, it is responsible to ensure the electroporation device is used correctly. This process is non-invasive, virtually painless and suitable for all skin types.

Who is not suitable?

While Dermal Electroporation can be used for all skin types, it is not suitable for individuals who:

  • Have a muscular or nervous disease
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are undergoing cancer treatment
  • Have orthopaedic implants

Deciding which procedure is right for you depends on several factors.

At The Artisan Wellness, we will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable procedure for your needs.

who is a candidate

for Dermal Electroporation

  • If you have acne scars.
  • If you are struggling with fine lines and wrinkles.
  • If you have saggy face muscles that needs firming and toning.
  • If you have hyperpigmentation.
  • If you have rosacea.

What to expect?

for Dermal Electroporation

  • Improve skin hydration and rejuvenation
  • Brighten up skin
  • Treat oily skin
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Anti-aging property

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