Low-Level Laser Therapy

by Artisan

Control and reverse hair loss condition

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Low-level laser therapy is different from other aesthetic laser treatments. While most aesthetics use a high intensity laser to target pigments and the skin layer, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) uses low intensity lasers to irradiate protons deeply into the scalp tissue.

By exposing weak or dormant follicles to these lasers, the hair follicle cells are stimulated and are triggered into producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The laser therapy also serves a secondary purpose in improving the body’s natural nutrient transportation into the scalp.

Many patients who suffer from mild to moderate hair loss are good candidates for LLLT.

Your level of hair loss and medical history will be thoroughly examined to determine if you are a good candidate. The course of treatment for patients with early, intermediate or advanced stages of hair will be uniquely tailored to the patient.

How It Works

At Artisan Wellness, we only use FDA approved hair loss treatments that are evidence-based and certified to be safe and effective.

A thorough consultation with our team will ensure that you do not have any underlying medical conditions that will compromise your health when undergoing treatment.

There is no downtime, pain or discomfort associated with Artisan’s LLLT hair therapy. You will be able to resume your daily activities immediately after the session.

Get a personalised treatment

If you are unsure of which treatment is right for you, at Artisan Wellness we are always available to recommend the best treatment for your condition. Contact us today to get a personalised treatment!

who is a candidate

for LLLT

LLLT treatment is generally recommended for patients who still have active hair follicles that can be stimulated by the photons.

  • Gradual thinning at the part line
  • Thinning hair at the top of the head progressing to baldness
  • Receding hairline forming a characteristic "M" shape

For patients who do not having any living hair follicles, an alternative treatment might be prescribed instead.

What to expect?

for LLLT

  • Gradual hair loss should be in remission
  • New hair growth can generally be observed
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