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Brighten, tighten, smoothen and MagicLift skin

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Italian new aesthetic treatment — No downtime, No injection. Immediately magically brighten, tighten, smoothen and lift. Loved by celebrities like Jerry Yan of Taiwan and Jamie Yeo of Singapore!

Read on to see Barry’s Journey in turning back the clock with WiQO Uno 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment.

※ This article is a real life experience written by Barry, who was invited by AASPL to share his experience.

Let me tell you the story of my face from the beginning.

※ This article is a real life experience written by Barry, who was invited by AASPL to share his experience.

I am a tour guide for many years now, and my skin color has never been fair. While it makes me the happiest to bring tourists around the world, it comes with some “occupational injuries” (including eating too much food and uncontrollable weight).

For example — dull, dark spots that are easily caused by exposure to high temperatures and sun (50 degrees in Dubai, can you imagine that? )  =( Or wrinkles and cracks caused by extreme low temperature and dryness (Chasing the aurora goddess in the ice and snow of Northern Europe also comes at a price); As a frequent flyer for a long time, with each flight being more than 10 hours, the insufficient humidity of the cabin and the jet lag to and fro, not only cause physical fatigue, but also accelerate the aging of the skin; Last but not least, the teenage acne scars that stuck with me until now, piled onto the damage even more on the skin of a 40 year-old..

Everyone says that it is a woman’s nature to love beauty, but I want to say that men also have the right to love beauty! I have been busy with work and have not dealt with my facial skin problem properly, but because the epidemic has completely stopped my work as a tour guide, only then I have begun to finally face the forehead lines on my forehead, and the bad skin condition that makes me look old (I’m actually not that old~~~).

The journey to seeking beauty

Although it was impossible to lead the group abroad due to the epidemic, many kind members still did not forget me. In addition to warm greetings and thoughts from time to time, there were also many members who shared all kinds of good tips with me (probably afraid that I would starve to death without income…) While I was struggling with the three lines on my forehead, a kind recommendation of a team member really caught my attention.

“It reaches the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the surface of the skin. Restoring elasticity to skin with a translucent glow and a firming and supple effect in 3 treatments.”
WiQO Uno 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment

Age: 38 years old | Treatment session : 1 time | Period: 1 week.
[BEFORE] Acne scars, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone.
[AFTER] Firming and supple skin, minimised pores, translucent glow

Actually before I got to know more about this product, I had a gut feeling that this product is from Italy (otherwise Spain), because Uno is the number 1 in Italian and Spanish. Then, this is thought came to mind — the good ones are always filled with pride and never afraid to flaunt, just as how as a Taiwanese tour guide, we often chant “Taiwan Number 1!” while holding our signature Taiwanese flag whenever we take group photos abroad.

I was right! Steven, a member of my tour group who introduced me this treatment,  which also happens to be WiQO Uno’s agent in Taiwan and Singapore, AASPL, told me so. WiQO 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment was indeed developed by Italian dermatologist Dr. Rossana and the dermatology team of the University of Trieste after 10 years of research. While it is already popular in Europe as a medical aesthetic maintenance method, and is widely used in hundreds of medical aesthetic clinics and dermatology clinics in Japan as well, it took AASPL more than 3 years of hard work to finally get the green light from the original Italian founding company to start distributing in Taiwan.

WiQO Uno 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment
What’s so special about it?

HACs Negative ion flow. It has negative electricity and uses small molecule ingredients to accelerate the introduction effect and interact with CD26 fibroblasts to rejuvenate the skin.

Rich in 7 types of Collagen. Collagen is located at the junction between the epidermis and dermis,which supports the skin tissue and appearance, and prevents sagging, which is the key to youthful and radiant skin.

Firm the skin by knitting Type I and Type III collagen together. A large amount of Type VII collagenis required to knit the loosen Type I and Type III collagen together, which is the key to healthier and plumper skin.

Activate the Meissner corpuscle. Through the exclusive skin elasticity regeneration technology,the Meissner corpuscle is awaken to activate the skin’s response to stimuli, which then initiates the skin elasticity regeneration.

The fact is, there are many medical aesthetic treatments on the market that can tighten, lift, and remove wrinkles — So why did this particular skin regeneration technique manage to capture my attention? Well this is a little embarrassing to say, but I am afraid of pain la.. I am the kind that believes 1,000 percent that men’s pain tolerance is less than one percent of women!

Since WiQO 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment does not require injections, it is not as painful as lasers, but simply through a special sliding pressure technique to allow 7 types collagen liquid to penetrate deep into the skin through the HACs negative ion flow, straight to the dermal papilla layer CD26 fibroblasts.. Okay, is this sounding too complicated? It’s okay if you don’t understand the principle, the most important thing is that you can see the effect.

So, back to the tour guide who can’t travel, I decided to embark on a beauty seeking journey for three weeks. Let me present the ugliest and most authentic face of mine in front of you. I invite you to witness my journey in improving my appearance and finding the charm of my younger self as a middle-aged man.

Going down memory lane..

Back then, when I was still packed with collagen, I was said to resemble stars like Chen Xiaodong, Zheng Yijian to Yousheng by my tour group members. Before I show you my bare face as a middle-aged man, take a look at the younger me!

#Week 1 ~ A surprising first experience.

【 DAY 1 】Experiencing WiQO 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment.

Right, facing the reality, my true self (Ah man I really don’t want to…) Just as how love needs courage — courage is also very much needed to NOT be using any skin retouching, filters, or taking at angles I’m most confident at. The most daunting part of all, is posting it online to let everyone witness my ugly moments. My only determination to do all these comes from my desperate desire to regain my youth. So, let us witness it together, shall we?

★ STEP 1 – Introduction to the entire process, skin condition assessment ★

After a briefing by AASPL, I have come to know that the function of 7 types of collagen is like of a yarn to knit the loose skin together. We started the treatment with a skin condition assessment by a medical professional. The recorded result was absolutely horrifying. It’s so bad you could actually see how terrible it is with the naked eye — such as the super obvious three-lines ‘tattoos’ on the forehead, which have reached the level of appearing even without frowning; although my nasolabial folds (smile lines) aren’t too deep, it is still not light enough to be ignored; the pores on my nose are especially large, the titanic deep acne scars on both cheeks, and the chin contour is almost invisible… Ahhh save me already, I need help~~~

★ STEP 2. Clean and remove any makeup ★

Before the procedure, I washed and dried my face. Although I only had sunscreen on, it is important to remove any products on the face to let the skin be ready to be nourished.

★ STEP 3. WiQO 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment applied via the special sliding pressure technique ★

The professional wore a special nitrile glove, took out 2ml of WiQO 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment Solution with a syringe, and applied it onto my forehead, gently pushing and pressing to the left and right sides. After the first layer of 7 Collagen Solution is fully absorbed, then the second layer is applied with continuous sliding and pressing, and finally sliding and pressuring the third layer of 7 Collagen Solution, to let it penetrate the skin completely.

WiQO Uno 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment
5-point electromyostatic pressure method

1 Forehead, 2 Eye area, 3 Cheek, 4 Nose & chin, 5 Neck

During the process, there was a slight sensation of heat and tingling but it was not painful. After the forehead is completed, the same technique is applied to the eye area, cheeks, nose and chin in the same way, and finally to the neck. My most sensual places were my nose wings, philtrum and chin are, probably because of the accumulation of a lot of old waste keratin and skin fibrosis. After the 7 collagen solution slide & pressure process, my skin showed a little redness from irritation.

★ STEP 4. Clean and wipe with water and applying regenerating cream ★

After completing the sliding pressure on the entire face, the remaining solution on the face is immediately wiped with a dampened gauze. At this time I felt the heat and slight tingling sensation on the face becoming more obvious (especially in the middle chin area). But to my surprise, as soon as the professional attendant applied the electromyography cream to my face, the discomfort disappeared completely!

★ STEP 5 – Home Care Tips ★

After completing treatment, AASPL sent me a set of WiQo’s Fluido Levigante Solution and cream. I was instructed to use the fully translucent solution every night after bath for 30 minutes, and then apply the regeneration cream to the whole face, after which I will be all ready for bed with just this 2 simple steps. I was told to avoid outdoor exercise and pay attention to sun protection to avoid facial sensitivity, inflammation or getting dark in this 1 month period. Just as well, it was the pandemic season so social distancing is required, staying home was a good “option” for me.

【DAY 2~4】Skin feels super tight, as if I had applied an invisible mask.

The very next day after my treatment, I was completely shocked. My skin felt SO TIGHT! The feeling is as though I had just applied a mask on my face, and the mask has completely dried out — that kind of tightness. Moreover, this tightness lasted for THREE full days, so I felt like I had an invisible mask on my face all the time that makes my skin full of moisture and luster.

On the 3rd day, there was a little peeling around the mouth. There was no discomfort at all, it was just a natural peeling process. And on the 4th day, the nose and both sides of the nose began to peel peel as well. I took selfies every day, and was surprised to find that the lines on my forehead has lightened so much compared to the beginning. The beauty filter on my mobile phone’s camera has been completely turned off, however the shooting still has a much softer effect.

【DAY 5~9】Homme fatale shedding and peeling

After the 5th day, the tightness is not so obvious anymore, the T-shaped part of my face also began to peel. By the 6th day, my whole face is peeling excessively. On the 7th day, the peeling range extended to the eyebrows area. Then on the 8~9th day, both sides of my cheeks also peeled a little, but as for the rest of the face have returned to normal. The entire peeling process was not at all uncomfortable, but seeing so much dead skin shedding somehow brought indescribable excitement in me(haha). The beginning of something new for my face, perhaps?

【Week 1 Summary】

The tightness feeling that began the very next day after the treatment was a big surprise, especially the tightness, moisture, and brightness of the forehead. Well I did only do this treatment once and this was only my first experience, so the tightness could only last until the 4th day at most. I must say I am very much looking forward to my second treatment. Oh please let thy forehead wrinkles be gone..!

【Week 3 Update】My age is reduced by 5 years!

The effect after 3 treatments was so much better than I expected! My forehead wrinkles and nasolabial folds lightened a lot, of course, it is impossible for it to disappear completely, that would definitely be photoshop effect. I will only give you the most REAL experience review. Seeing the result in just less than a month of WiQO 7 Collagen MagicLift Treatment — not to mention it is not painful and non invasive, this treatment is definitely worth every penny!

I am also very satisfied with the pore tightening and skin refined improvements. Compared to 3 weeks ago, I now look like I went back at least 5 years in time! I hope the upcoming results and improvement in my skin condition will maintain as good as the results this time. I am definitely still going to continue on this journey to beauty, and I welcome you to set off on the same journey as me!

Overall results of my 3rd treatment.

※ This article is a real life experience written by Barry, who was invited by AASPL to share his experience. The experience is free and no additional payment for writing fees were charged, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation. All experience photos are taken in real life, the skin is not retouched, nor any filters are used. There may be a slight difference in the lighting and angle of the shots. All the experience are written with Barry’s real feelings and sincere recommendations. However, one might not experience exactly the same as Barry as we all have different skin condition and physique. It is recommended to have a professional medical aesthetic clinic evaluate your skin before undergoing this treatment.

Read full article (Traditional Chinese) on Week 2 & 3.

Jamie Yeo reviews WIQO Treatment at The Artisan Wellness.

".. Your skin will improve right from the first application without needles or other invasive procedures.. Your skin will look vibrant, dewy, and tighter immediately! .."

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